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Namesté with Jesus

We have some exciting news! Nutritious Nursing is starting a yoga class on campus. Details are to be determined, but if you are looking for a relaxing time to connect with your faith, this yoga session is for you!

Receive Grace, Breathe Peace, Be Salt, Shine Light, Love Jesus & Practice Yoga

How It Started

LifeGroups are so important for everyone to be a part of. These are groups where you can study the Bible and do life together. With the opening of the new IBC Richmond campus, I joined a college girl's life group. Several of the girls are in my nursing class, so we are all like-minded and have similar struggles. This was really comforting to me because I realized I'm not alone in my struggles! I highly suggest joining a LifeGroup or Bible study in your area, so you can grow your faith as well as create a community!

After our discussion, several of the girls mentioned how great it would be if we all went to a yoga class together. Yoga classes are super popular at EKU, so after a few minutes, we decided to start our own yoga group.

Our vision for this LifeGroup

We quickly started bouncing ideas. I'm assuming that most nursing majors having similar ways of thinking, because we all had similar visions. Our excitement was contagious, and before we knew it, we had a plan.

We are planning on meeting every week, location to be determined (hopefully somewhere more private than the library! -- Bible study in the library was perfect, but I don't think yoga is allowed).

We will start our meeting off with a prayer, then meditate and yoga, setting our intentions on the Lord. We would like to listen to Christian music while we stretch. Then, we begin our Bible study and discussion.

This seems like a great way to REST in God, despite our busy lives. I would like to take this hour or two each week to release my hectic thoughts and just BE with God. Our discussion comes from questions that our leader is given from IBC. They are based on a particular passage/reading, and we discuss each question.

Like I said, most of the details are to be determined, like time, location, yoga mats, etc. One girl even has a Cricut and is making t-shirts for our group! I am beyond excited for this LifeGroup and I am so thankful God has put these girls in my life.


Again, I encourage everyone to join a community group, no matter where you live or what your life circumstances are! God works in mysterious ways--yes, even through yoga! I am very excited for this opportunity to learn about God and each other!

Stay tuned for more details. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to buy a Namesté with Jesus t shirt, contact us using the contact box. If you're in Richmond and would like to join, contact us for the deets!

Much Love,


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