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Young Living Essential Oils

Learn more about the many benefits of using essential oils in your daily living, how to purchase, and how to become a Young Living Member!

Why Use Young Living?

Essential oils have so many amazing uses for the body. They have aromatherapeutic uses and interact with the limbic system--the part of the brain in charge of emotions. My favorite oil to use for smells is Stress Away. It smells calming and relaxing and I love it. Essential oils also have uses in the body, and take approximately 20 minutes to reach the cellular level. Read more about the oils in Erika's article HERE

You might wonder, what's so great about Young Living? Why not buy a cheaper essential oil from elsewhere and save the money?

I had the same question. I was a little overwhelmed at the cost of Young Living oils, but my research revealed that the higher cost is because the oils are 100% pure oils (grade A) that are qualified for therapeutic uses. Other brands are diluted down with water or preservatives (grade B) and are only qualified for aromatherapy uses. They are not pure and not as safe to use on your body. Your body deserves the purest, safest products to keep you healthy. 

Why Become a Member?

Why be a Young Living member?


Enjoy the many benefits including 24% off retail pricing, eligibility to enroll in Essential Rewards program, earn up to 25% back towards free products, and being a part of an amazing oily community!

Non-members purchase products at retail prices. For example, a 15ml bottle of Stress Away oil for non-members is $40.13, but for members, it is only $30.50. You save 24% on new products when becoming a member.

Essential Rewards is an optional program that automatically sends you products each month. You can customize the order each time, or save an order for oils you use the most. You receive discounted shipping, and you get more points back the longer you are with Young Living. You can accumulate points to use back (FREE oils) as well as receive free products as a gift of loyalty. 

Once becoming a member of Young Living, you are invited to join countless oily groups that offer tips, uses, discount offers, and events. Once I joined, I attended a YL Christmas party with dozens of giveaways (some up to $300 in value!). Being a part of an oily community provides support as well as friendship. You don't want to miss out!

Great. How do I get started?

How to become a member:


In order to become a member, you must buy a Premium Starter Kit. This is a great way to get into oils if you've never tried them! It's over $300 worth of products for only $160. Starter kits include 11 oils, a diffuser, Thieves cleaning sample, Ningxia samples, and several other little goodies. Buy HERE

Want to see exactly what comes in a Premium Starter Kit? See my blog post as I opened mine! I get raw and real about what it was like opening my kit from Young Living. 


Thieves Products: Add to Your Daily Life!


Learn about April's ER order--All about Thieves products including household cleaner, toothpaste and fruit spray!


Let's Talk Oils: The Basics


Just getting started with essential oils? Read Erika's insightful article about how to use them in your daily life.


Vetiver, Orange and Grapefruit Oils


Learn about this month's ER order! 3 Great oils, Thieves dental floss, and lifestyle brochures!

What's a YL Premium Starter Kit?


Read and find out exactly what's included in a Young Living Premium Starter Kit!


Cedarwood Oil, Raven Oil, and Grapefruit lip balm


Learn about December's ER order with two great oils and a tasty lip balm!


How to Make Rollerballs


Rollerballs are an easy way to use oils on the go. Learn how to make your own custom rollerballs with Erika's DIY blog post!

Ready to Purchase?

Get Started with your Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

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