The Start

Providing holistic care to patients is of upmost importance to nurses. Caring for the patient's physical, mental, emotional, psychosocial, and environmental state promotes a sense of health and well-being.

Nutritious Nursing has a firm belief that nurses and nursing students should provide the same concept of health and self-care to themselves by eating nutritious food, caring for their bodies and minds, and creating healthy lifestyles.

About the Author

Meagan (right) is a junior in nursing school at Eastern Kentucky University. She currently works in an assisted living facility as a nurse aide and absolutely adores her residents. She is passionate about nutritious foods that suit dairy-free or vegan diets, as well as using essential oils to care for the body in all-natural ways. 


"Healthy Nurses" Think Again.


You go to the doctor’s office, hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility. Your health care professionals know what’s best for your health and give you advice about healthy living, so you assume they do the same for themselves. 




According to a 2013 study, a whopping 16% of nurses in America admit they smoke cigarettes (Nurse Buff, 2013). That equates to 540,000 nurses. Five hundred forty thousand nurses. While the rate of doctors who admit to smoking is much lower (3% of all doctors in the nation), this is still a strikingly breath-taking statistic.


In order to receive better quality health care, we need our nurses to first care for themselves. You cannot serve others if your own cup is empty. Self-care means healthy care.


A Drive for Social Change


To care for our primary health care agents—nurses—we advocate for incentives for those who do not smoke or are trying to quit. This includes increased paid time off from employers, smoke-free outdoor areas for breaks, stress relieving activities, educational resources and support groups. 


Why be an advocate? Non-smokers have lower risks of disease, lower levels of stress, and are cost effective for health care. The nation’s insurance agencies, companies, and individuals will all save money on healthcare, simply by putting down the cigarette. This is not to even mention how much everyone will save from not purchasing the actual cigarettes…


How can you support the cause? You can support this cause by being the change in your community. If you are a healthcare professional—or even if you’re not—and you smoke, put it down. Try to quit by talking to your doctor, using resources around you, and joining a support group. If you see a friend or family member smoking, educate and encourage them to join the cause too. Offer support to other healthcare professionals for their addiction, so we can be a healthier nation. 


So we can have healthier nurses and doctors. So we can have healthier health professionals. So we can have healthier patients. So we can be healthy.


Share the cause. Share this page. Share the idea. 


Because who doesn’t want a healthier work force and healthcare team?