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A Prayer For My Mom

With Mother's Day approaching in a few days, I found it only fitting to finally write out this prayer that I've prayed time and time again.

God, I thank you for my mom. I'm thankful for her unconditional love, support, and guidance. I'm thankful for her wisdom and knowledge she shares.

I admire her faithfulness to You—both when life is extremely difficult and trying, and she relies on You for strength, but also when life is calm and restful, and she remains consistently in pursuit of You. My mom has shown me what it truly means to be a child of God. She leads by example and I'm so grateful for her non-wavering faithfulness.

Thank you for providing me with a friendship with my mom. She was commanded to raise me in a certain manner and teach me right from wrong—but she's not required to simply be my friend. Is that something that 'just happens'? Or is it an action she continually chooses? But either way, our friendship is something extremely remarkable and I'm so thankful to You for that.

God, I pray for my mom. I pray You give her strength on the days she needs it. Give her strength and courage on the days she needs her mom. Give her boldness and confidence on the days she feels ignored, belittled, unimportant, or used by others. Please just be that emotional comfort, no matter what the day ahead holds for her. Remind her that You and You alone are her refuge. Remind her of your comforting presence. Provide her with peace and rest.

I pray for my mom's career. Whether her job changes drastically or stays the same for a little longer, give her peace in that decision. Guide her in her actions, so that she can serve out Your will. Above all, let her coworkers and customers be alarmed by her faithfulness. Use her kindness to be a witness to those people.

I know sometimes I feel like my mom works a little too hard in her job—her work goes unnoticed, her willingness to go the extra mile gets abused… but I am reminded that she does everything to the best of her ability because that is what we are called to do. She acts as if every person she helps, every task she completes—is being done for You. I know that if WE were instructed to write a homeowners policy for the Lord (imagine that!), we would spend the extra time and put forth exceptional effort to make sure it's perfect. And she does this in everything she does, for every person who walks through the door (or calls on the phone, haha). I admire that about her.

God, as we celebrate Mother's Day this year, please let your comfort be abundant. With one mother gone and a new generation born, help us to remember all the mothers who have shaped us into the women we are today. God, I pray I can become half the mother to Avery that my mom has been to me.

I thank You for her setting the example—as the woman, mother, and child of God I aspire to be. I look up to her so much and Your presence in her life and her willingness to follow Your word is the sole reason she is so successful in her role as a mother.

Please be with my mom in the days and weeks to follow. Restore her when she needs it. I lift up the things she doesn't necessarily talk about. Thank you so much for allowing her to be such a prominent part of my life. Thank you for choosing her specifically to be my mother and thank you for the example she's set.

- M

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