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Essential Oil Blends for the Holiday Season

Today is Christmas Eve, and I've been waiting for this day since last Christmas! (haha) One of the reasons I love the Christmas season is the joy that everyone shares together. Friends and family come together and we laugh, decorate cookies, and support the community together.

Just this past week, I've watched the MMBC annual Christmas play, visited a few dear residents from my assisted living facility, and attended a Christmas party at another nursing home. With my family, I've decorated cookies, made crafts and gifts, and wrapped presents to put under the tree. This truly is the most wonderful time of the year, but it's because it is focused on the birth of our Savior! Happy birthday, Jesus!

I've been using Young Living Essential Oils for over a year now, and the winter season is probably when they get the most use. During the winter, germs and the flu are rampant, and Seasonal Affective Disorder kicks in for most of us, but we still try to stay in the spirit of Christmas.

There are 3 main oil blends that I diffuse during this time. I diffuse both during the day and during the night while I sleep--I use my diffuser as an alternative to a humidifier, which helps decrease the dryness in my sinuses (aka nosebleeds). As a whole, the oils I diffuse in the winter are mostly for practical reasons, but I also enjoy the smell.

1. Thieves

As a nursing student, I'm pretty germaphobic. I constantly see updates on Facebook of who just got the flu and who just got over the stomach virus (which is my worst fear). Especially with the holiday season and everyone out shopping, I am very aware of the germs present on doorknobs, doors, handles, hangers, kiosks, checkouts, etc. You could even say I'm a little paranoid.

I always keep stocked up on Thieves. On the right is my immunity roller ball, with Thieves and Oregano.

The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands frequently, but another little 'hack' I've found is using Thieves oil! Thieves is a blend of spicy oils and has antibacterial properties.

Every night, I put 4 drops of Thieves into my diffuser and diffuse it while I sleep. It cleanses the air and improves my immune system. Additionally, I use my Immunity roller ball (Thieves + Oregano) on my wrists to boost my immune system and avoid getting sick.

If the stomach bug is rampant around me (ie at work, friends at school, or family), I put 2 drops of Thieves and 2 drops of DiGize in a clear veggie capsule. I take this every morning and night while the virus is present. So far, I've avoided the stomach bug! If for some reason I don't have any veggie capsules, I will just put the drops of oil under my tongue and let them dissolve that way. They're hot oils, so be prepared.

2. Beach Blend

Beach Blend is an oil blend that I mixed and keep in an old, empty oil bottle. I found the recipe on Pinterest, and it smells just like the beach! If you close your eyes and breathe next to your diffuser, you can imagine yourself sitting on the sand.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a big deal for many people. The shorter days, the cold weather, and the lack of sunshine directly affects our mood. I'm not totally sure if I truly have SAD, but I think it affects most of the population during this time of year.

My Beach Blend consists of Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Frankincense. Bergamot is one of my absolute favorite oils, especially when I'm feeling down or anxious. I made this blend in a large batch, filling up a 5ml bottle, so I don't have to mix it up every time I want to use it.

I put 6 drops in my diffuser and diffuser it during the day, in the morning, or when I'm just laying around. I'll also diffuse it at night if the weather is really getting to me.

3. Christmas Spirit Blend

Christmas Blend is an oil mix from Young Living, and it was actually the first oil I ever got! Thanks, Erika! It smells of spices and orange peel. It's perfect for days like today, when I especially want to feel Christmasy! I like to diffuse this one in the living room, so the main living areas and kitchen can smell the aroma.

Noel the Scout Elf makes his yearly appearances, and he's sure to report the use of Christmas Spirit to Santa!

Christmas blend is just a classic for this time of year! It's a very inexpensive oil, pricing around $10, which makes it the perfect oil for stocking stuffers, advent gifts, or just an oil to stock up on. Mom says it smells like her childhood, when Gigi would boil spices and orange peels during the Christmas get-togethers.


These are the three oils I use over the winter break, and I can easily say that they are the ONLY oils I use during this time of year. I keep these three out on my nightstand, and the rest stay in their case. These blends combat germs, seasonal depression, and boost the Christmas Spirit!

If you are just getting started with essential oils, I would recommend starting with these three oil blends. They are easy to use on the daily basis--simply add a few drops into a diffuser. If you don't have a diffuser or prefer not to use them, these oils are also great to apply on your body.

What oils do you use during the Christmas season? What aroma do you like to smell during Christmas?

Much Love and Merry Christmas,


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