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5 Gifts for Mother's Day

If you want to celebrate Mother's Day in a meaningful way this year, skip the standard "card and flowers" and give something Mom will truly enjoy! Being a mother is not a task taken lightly, and this weekend is a reminder to thank her for her hard work, dedication, selflessness, and love she gives to others.

Not every mom's love language is primarily through giving/receiving gifts, but everyone appreciates something thoughtful. Knowing that deep brainstorming and genuine thought was put into a gift is what's most important and appreciated. If you want to give a great gift this year for Mother's Day, think about the things Mom enjoys most.

What does Mom like? What does she enjoy doing? What kind of personality does she have? What things matter most to her? What are her best qualities?

Give your mom's special day some serious thought this year. A Mother's Day gift doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant—it just needs to be special. And moms most definitely, always appreciate being thought about.


For the Organized Mom: Weekly Menu Board

If the mother in your life is the Type A, organized, planner of the household, she'll appreciate this! This beautiful chalk board matches a wide variety of decors and is super useful when it comes to busy families. Simply write out what meals are planned, erase at the end of the week, and repeat!

Even better: if Mom is busy or had a long day, look at what's on the menu and go ahead and start dinner for the family. She will appreciate you taking initiative to help out. Or if Mom isn't the cook of the house, this chalk board will help her stay organized and know what to expect each evening!

For the Breastfeeding Mom: Breastmilk Jewelry

This is my personal favorite. As a breastfeeding mom, SO much time and energy goes into feeding a little one. It's hard work, around the clock—sometimes for a year or more. And as the child's mother, she's the only one even capable of this!

Jewelry is a pretty standard gift, but go the extra mile with gorgeous breastmilk necklaces, rings, or earrings. These accessories will hold a ton of sentimental value and recognize her dedication to breastfeeding, no matter the duration.

Etsy has endless options and styles of breastmilk jewelry. Most companies receive the breastmilk sample in the mail and in return, send you the completed jewelry. There are even breastmilk jewelry KITS, where Mom can do a fun DIY. This is right up my alley!

For the Selfless Mom: Book a Massage or Pedicure

Continuously taking care of others is an exhausting task. Keeping up with kids, animals, the house, and work requires some serious time-management skills and moms' routines are definitely well-oiled machines! So for the selfless mother, treat her with some self care at your local spa.

I definitely prefer pedicures but sometimes will splurge on a manicure, too!

A therapeutic massage can relieve tension and stress that accumulates over time (um hello, why do I have so many knots in my shoulders?) and overall make your mom feel rejuvenated. A pedicure is also one of my favorite activities to do… alone. Give her some quiet time—away from the kids and busy life—to take care of herself.

Moms can't pour from an empty cup.

For the Sentimental Mom: Gifts from the Kids

No matter the ages, get the kids involved! For the mother who values keepsakes (or keeps every birthday card), make a homemade card or craft with the kids. Get on Pinterest and research ideas that she might like.

It doesn't have to be anything complex, so don't fret if you're not the crafty type. It can be as simple as a construction-paper card. But knowing that the kids were involved and got to participate in recognizing Mom creates a meaningful keepsake that she can look back on in the future.

For the Simple Mom: Family Dinner

If the mother in your life is on the simpler or minimalist side—or just doesn't want gifts this year—plan a family get-together. Organize a nice meal with her favorite dishes. You can divvy up the responsibilities so it's a less daunting task. She will enjoy the quality time and having the entire family together (or at least the ones y'all like, haha).

To go the extra mile to make Mom feel special, don't forget the small details. You don't have to throw a party, but get a nice tablecloth. Set up some candles, flowers, or whatever kind of decor she likes. For easy clean-up, buy some decorative paper plates and matching napkins. Having a meal prepared for her and spending time with the most important people in her life will surely make a mom feel special.


Don't skimp out on Mother's Day this year. This is ONE day of the year to recognize mothers, so let her enjoy the day doing what she enjoys. And whether you are her child, grandchild, or spouse, she deserves to be recognized and thanked for her hard work!

Gifts don't have to be over-the-top or break the bank. Just set aside a little time to put some thought into making her day special!

Much love,


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