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A Prayer For My Husband

God, I thank You for my husband.

I thank You for bringing him into my life. When we met, it was a pivotal time for both of us. We were both at a crossroads in our lives and I had no idea what You had in store for us. But I remember—Your plan is always perfect and You've brought us together for a specific purpose.

I know that even our challenges and struggles have made us a stronger couple and brought us—as a unit—closer to You. Thank You for the growth and maturity we've received as a result of those challenges we've faced.

Help us to remember to trust in Your plan, knowing that if our marriage is centered around You, we will thrive and experience an undeniable, truly amazing type of love.

God, I pray for my husband.

I want him to experience Your love and grace. I want his life to be transformed by You. I want him to see the world with Your greater purpose in sight.

I pray for my husband to be a spiritual leader—in our home, in our marriage, in his job, to his parents and sister, to our daughter. I know it's easy for me to pick out his flaws, but help me be an example of Christ to him. Help ME show HIM the love that YOU have to offer.

God, I pray for the things my husband doesn't talk about. I pray he brings his worries and anxieties to You, and finds comfort in Your quiet presence. I pray that his first instinct is to always run to You, through the difficult times in life as well as joyful ones.

I pray my husband grows closer to You. I pray his life is transformed by his relationship with You. I pray that I am able to be a first-hand witness to my husband's life, living as a child of God.


- A Prayer for my Husband

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