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Cedarwood & Raven Oil and Grapefruit Chapstick

January Young Living Order

My YL Essential Rewards order just came for January and I couldn't be more excited. It was a small order (51 PV), but nonetheless just as captivating! I ordered Cedarwood Oil, Raven Oil, and Grapefruit oil chapstick.

If you've just gotten started in Young Living Essential Oils, or are interested in their uses, a great way to build your collection is to buy the Premium Starter Kit ($300+ worth of products for only $160) and then signing up for Essential Rewards. Essential Rewards is a program for Young Living Members that allows you to place monthly orders and get points back. The points add up fast, and you can redeem them anytime--aka FREE products.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood is a woody, rustic, manly smelling oil. It reminds me of walking through the woods!


Cedarwood is a very versatile oil, with uses ranging from a relaxing bedtime routine to skincare. You can diffuse this oil while you wind down in the evening or to relax you after a long day. Its scent of nature makes me feel calm and closer to God. You could also make a stress-relieving, relaxing roller ball! For skin care, you can massage the oil into your skin and scalp to create youthful-looking skin and healthy hair.


10 Drops Cedarwood

Water to fill-line


5 Drops Cedarwood

5 Drops Lavender

Water to fill-line


3 Drops Cedarwood

4 Drops Stress Away

3 Drops Lavender

Water to fill line

Relaxing Roller ball

10 Drops Cedarwood

5 Drops Stress Away (opt.)

5 Drops Lavender (opt.)

Fill with fractionated coconut oil


We love Raven so much, my mom needed one for herself. It smells similar to Vicks, and it is refreshing and reviving to smell. The minty aspect opens your sinuses up and supports your breathing.


Raven is mainly used for respiratory support. I got a little cold when we traveled to Georgia for Christmas, and this oil (in combination with Eucalyptus Globulus) cleared up my sinuses! I made a roller ball and applied it to my chest, behind my ears, and under my nose. It was such an easy remedy for my congested sinuses. I put it in the diffuser too, and it not only helped with my congestion, but made the house smell clean and refreshed. It's also great for exercising, since it supports healthy breathing. I smell it before and after my run, and sometimes I'll put a drop on the neck of my shirt so I can smell it while I run.

Roller Ball:

8 Drops Raven

8 Drops Eucalyptus Globulus

Fill with Fractionated Coconut oil


5 Drops Raven

5 Drops Eucalyptus Globulus

Fill with water

Grapefruit Lip Balm

I am a chapstick addict! I carry one everywhere because my lips get so chapped in the winter. I wanted to try a chapstick that was more natural and used essential oils. There were several options (Grapefruit, Lavender, and Cinnamint) and I couldn't be more pleased. It smells fruity and delicious and the ingredients are all natural and simple.

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil extract, beeswax, simmondsia chininesis (jojoba) seed oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, citrus paradisi† (grapefruit) peel oil, lycium barbarum (wolfberry) seed oil, rosa rubiginosa (rosehip) seed oil.


Interested in getting started with Young Living Essential Oils? Contact us for more information or for any questions. If you'd like to get started with a Premium Starter Kit (best bang for your buck), click here!

Which oil DIY was your favorite? How did you incorporate it into your daily routine? Comment below! Be sure to subscribe to get our latest posts and updates!

Much love,


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