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How I Survived a Puppy in the Midst of Chaos

Late last November, I adopted a sweet Goldendoodle puppy! I had been wanting one for several years and finally saw some available near me. A flyer hung up in Rural King caught my attention one day and I immediately texted the woman.

I had seen black Labradoodles before, but never a black Goldendoodle. Usually, they're blonde or apricot colored. I saw the black Goldendoodle puppies and knew I had to have one. Two weeks later, Hudson baby was old enough to be picked up and I had my first dog!

Hudson was so smart and learned commands very quickly! He potty trained fairly well--the pee concept took a lot longer than pooping outside did. Then, we had a week or so of "I'm going to stare at you and pee in the living room in defiance." But luckily, he outgrew that.

The first month having Hudson was the basic puppy phase. Puppy wakes up 4 times a night to pee, Puppy's belly gets round when he eats, Puppy plays hard and then sleeps hard. Hudson cried all night in his kennel his first night home, so he ended up sleeping in the bed with me after that.

Then late December, my life turned upside down.

My boyfriend's dad passed away unexpectedly after a heart attack at age 54. I moved into their home to help take care of the girls. Instead of moving back into my dorm the following semester, I commuted everyday. I took the girls to school and to their after school activities. And of course, Hudson came with me! (I couldn't leave Puppy at home and let Mom brainwash him into liking her the most!)

Even though I was able to spend time with the girls and grow much closer to them, I had never felt so overwhelmed in my life! I had too much on my plate and was running on steam. Too many responsibilities had piled up on my shoulders and I was tired.

Then I asked God, "REALLY? You knew all of this responsibility was about to be given to me, and you let me GET A PUPPY?!" -- A PUPPY????

Why did that Goldendoodle flyer in Rural King HAVE to catch my attention, when God knew all of this was about go down?

Of course... God always knows best and his plan ends up being way better than we could dream.

Looking back at the past 5 months, I couldn't imagine how I could have gotten through this tough time without Hudson. He has made life so incredibly easy to deal with. I'm a huge animal person (and even have an ESA), but I have never experienced an emotional support animal like Hudson!

Hudson has made the biggest difference this year. Even though this year has been crazy, he has been a support system for the entire family--he attends to you if you're sad, and cheers you up if you need a laugh. He sleeps in the bed with us at night and loves to cuddle everyone.

He taught both of the girls responsibility and how to take care of an animal. Destiny will sometimes get mad at me if I go to feed Hudson--she'll say 'No! That's my job!' Both of the girls help feed him, bathe him, train him, walk him, and of course play with him.

I'm not super sure why Dez was wearing safety goggles...

He even turned Renea into an indoor dog person!

Hudson has been the best addition to the family. I've loved being a dog mom, even though it's had its challenges. He's helped us through this chaotic time in ways I couldn't even imagine. I asked God why he let me get a puppy even though I was about to go through a crazy time, but of course--his plan was way better than I could ever imagine!

Much love,


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