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Vetiver, Orange, and Grapefruit Oil

My Young Living Essential Rewards order for January came in (I know, I'm late) and I am seriously in love with these oils. I usually pick which oils I want by their uses and what DIY's I can make with them, but this month I got Orange and Grapefruit oil just for their smell. I'm dying for a little taste of Spring and these oils were just the touch.

Learn about the products I bought this month! These oils have such great benefits and uses, and that's why I personally incorporate them into my daily living.

Are you wondering what exactly Essential Rewards is? Click Here for more information about this monthly rewards program.

Vetiver Oil

Vetiver has a woodsy, earthy aroma. It smells very natural, like you are taking a walk in the woods. This aroma is very calming and relaxing--exactly how you feel in nature. This oil is very thick, and it threw me off a little! It is very concentrated and you do not need hardly any at all to smell the aroma. It's great, y'all.

I saw a pin on Pinterest that described Vetiver as "Anti-Psycho Chick Oil" and I knew I had to have it. I'll admit, sometimes I need a little dose of Anti-Psycho Chick--especially in nursing school! This oil pairs great with Stress Away and Cedarwood to create a very relaxing, uplifting environment.

I personally think Vetiver has a manly touch to it, so that's why I wanted to create a new roller blend for Grant. Especially with Cedarwood, this stress-relieving rollerball doubles as a cologne!

Grant's Anxiety Rollerball:

15 Drops Stress Away

10 Drops Cedarwood

5 Drops Vetiver

5 Drops Lavender

Fill to top with carrier oil


8 Drops Stress Away

5 Drops Vetiver

Orange Oil

This is a very inexpensive oil (as are most of the ones I purchase) at only $11 for members. It smells like you'd expect--like a fresh orange! It's sweet, bright, and uplifting--just like a summer morning. It has a citrus, delicious, and clean smelling aroma.

Orange is also a Vitality Oil, meaning you can ingest it. You can add this oil to water, smoothies, baked goods, you name it. You can buy the full size Orange Oil (15 ml) or the Vitality size (5 ml) and they are labeled differently, but are the exact same oil. This confuses some people, but Young Living is required to separately label products that are edible. Whichever size you decide on, they are the same exact oil and have the same uses.


8 Drops Orange

5 Drops Lemon

5 Drops Grapefruit

Teeth Whitening:

Apply 1 drop of Orange oil on your toothbrush and add a dash of baking soda. Brush your teeth and see the stains disappear.

Add this oil to homemade hand soap (DIY coming soon!), add flavor to water, and use it around the house to clean, too. This is probably one of the most versatile oils!

Grapefruit Oil

In last month's ER order, I bought Grapefruit lip balm and I loved the smell of it so much, I immediately added Grapefruit to my next month's order. Like Orange, Grapefruit is a fruity, uplifting aroma that reminds me of summer time!

Grapefruit is also a Vitality oil, so you can ingest it. Add it to water for instant flavor! It also aids in weight loss, if that's of interest to you. Grapefruit is a great addition to your skin care routine and I have added it to my nighttime face-spray.

Happy Rollerball:

10 Drops Grapefruit

10 Drops Citrus Fresh

10 Drops Lavender

5 Drops Lemon

Fill with carrier oil

Nighttime Face Spray (put this in a small glass spray bottle)

15 Drops Grapefruit

10 Drops Tea Tree

10 Drops Frankincense (Great for wrinkles!)

10 Drops Copaiba (Gets rid of redness and irritation)

1 ml Witch Hazel

Fill with distilled water

Thieves Dental Floss

I was browsing through my Young Living catalogue when I noticed the Thieves dental floss. I was so shocked because it was only $3--the same price you'd pay for regular floss. This dental floss is antibacterial (thank you Thieves!) and is super minty with Peppermint Oil. This floss contains 0 additives, preservatives, chemicals, etc, and is completely all natural. You can't go wrong with it!

Dental health is of huge importance to me and I'm excited to start using Young Living products in that aspect of my life too. I look forward to trying other dental products like YL natural toothpaste.

Last but not least, I ordered Young Living booklets that show how you can incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. This is a great resource for those who don't know much about essential oils and want to learn how they can dive in. Contact us if you'd like to receive a booklet.


This month's ER order was a haul and possibly one of my favorites so far. I am slowly branching out and discovering new oils I never would have dreamed of, and am loving the results. I absolutely adore my new all-natural lifestyle and YL essential oils have been a huge aspect of that!

What do you love about Vetiver, Orange, and Grapefruit essential oils? Leave a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe to get notified when new blog posts are posted!

Much Love,


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