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Unboxing My Essential Oils Starter Kit

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

My New Young Living Starter Kit

You got it, Erika sucked me in. She hosted an essential oils class, where we learned about each oil, its uses and its benefits. I was originally only going to buy Thieves and Lemon (DIY coming soon!) but as we learned about the complete starter kits, I decided to get one. Either I wanted a particular oil, or Grant wanted a particular oil, so it only made sense to save the money by buying the Starter Kit.

First of all, I ordered my kit on Saturday and it arrived the next Friday. The shipping was super fast and I was impressed even before I opened it.

The box was bigger than I expected and pretty heavy!

There are several Starter Kit options, but I chose the Desert Mist Kit. It was the cheapest option ($160) and I thought it included the best looking diffuser.

The diffuser was the first thing I unboxed—it was a large, red box that was relatively lightweight. It included the diffuser itself, the beautiful cover, an outlet plug, and instructions.

Next, I opened the purple and off-white box—my oils. The packaging was so beautiful, I almost didn’t want to open it!

The box opens from the side and reveals all your starter oils. Each oil is 5 ml. It includes:

Lemon - Vitality

Copaiba - Vitality

DiGize - Vitality

Thieves - Vitality

Peppermint - Vitality



Citrus Fresh



Vitality is the line of products that can be ingested. More cooking DIY’s coming soon.

Things just got real. I swear my heart started racing!

Below the shelf with the starter oils (see the ribbon?), there are all your samples and ANOTHER OIL.

My favorite oil might be StressAway, which is also included in the Premium Starter Kit. I was so excited to find that inside!

These are all the oils I got. Stress Away is included in your Starter Kit and I received Christmas Spirit as a promotion from Erika!

There were also 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples (basically a shot of health!), a Roller Ball attachment, Thieves Household Cleaner sample, Sample Business Cards and 10 Sample oil bottles to share. These goodies are essential for starting/growing your Young Living business.

Sorry for the poor resolution. Low quality picture, high quality products.

Speaking of which, once you purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you’re a Young Living MEMBER and have access to member BENEFITS, like 24% off retail price, ability to earn commission on sales, and be a part of Essential Rewards.

So this was my unboxing of my Young Living Starter Kit. Thanks to Erika, I am so excited about my Young Living Starter Kit and using oils to help me NATURALLY.

Want to see exactly what’s in your Premium Starter Kit and what it’s like to become a Young Living Member? Click Here.


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Much Love,


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